Maybe you're not like me and the aforementioned as well as the unmentioned (infertility) is worse than being fat…this may not be the blog for you. I plan on irreverently, humorously and sarcastically sharing my weight loss journey as I run full speed (hopefully reaching my target heart rate) at the wall that is PCOS…But, before you go, take note: I did use the words "sharing" and "journey"…I can't be that bad.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Oh Baby I Like It Raw, Living and Vegan #4

This one's a bit choppy and you might guess that I am recording this LATE at night...not my best, but I didn't want to put off chatting with y'all any longer! I fill ya in on why I've been gone and I talk about some things that have helped me transition from one extreme to the other...the Standard American Diet to a Vegan Raw Diet...This one's a bit goofy, so hopefully you'll get a laugh or two!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

No Organic Raw Vegans Suffering Here...

Yes I had a spoonful of cookie dough and a Chocolate banana shake for breakfast...seriously healthier than ANY processed cereal ala dairy milk.

Chocolate Banana Shake...1 Tbs Raw Cacao (not cocoa) powder, 1 Tbs of Agave nectar, 1 frozen banana and a cup of almond delicious and ridiculously healthy. You've probably heard through clever marketing that pomegranate juice has the most antioxidants ever...well Raw Cacao has something like 10,000 times that amount...I will never look older than 31 years old...maybe younger from drinking chocolate shakes everyday...who would of thunk it!

Homemade corn chips with fresh favorite! These chips are made from ground golden flaxseed, yellow bell pepper, organic cumin, chili powder and sea salt...dehydrated to a crisp not to damage any of the nutrition or perfect flavor...this treat makes my heart and my tummy super happy!

In honor of Elaine...this is our "Big Salad"! Romaine and baby spinach, living alfalfa sprouts, sunflower seeds, big juicy tomatoes and perfectly ripened avocado with a fresh salad dressing made on the spot! This meal provides more than enough protein, iron and calcium...all the things carnivores assume we are lacking in our new "extreme" lifestyle, not to mention phenomenal nutrition that hasn't been touched by over processing. DELICIOUS!!!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Poop On Today...

"Poop on today...I tried to make a positive recovery, but even I am not that positive all the time...glad it is over. I want to have a glass of wine and carve pumpkins, but neither is a safe solo activity for me...I need my husband."

And that is my current Facebook status ladies and gentlemen.

I know I have a history of sarcasm here in safe-to-express-myself-ville, but in most facets of my life I'm a friggin Pollyanna. Usually my FB status reflects a dance party I am having with my toddlers or the endearing quirky hijinks my husband and I are getting ourselves into while being zen vegans. These FB statuses [or statai] reflect the truth, they're just limited to the aren't you jealous of my beach life moments...usually. Today sucked so hardcore (hopefully that last phrase does not affect how this blog comes up in Google) and I had to go global with my feelings. 

The Hubby (hate that word) is still commuting half the week to the last town we lived in to take care of his clients there as we struggle to build up his Massage Therapy clientele here. You know how absence makes the heart grow fonder, well that only applies to us if we limit our interactions to text and email. My theory is that we are both stressed when we're apart because we have formed some sort of dysfunctional team over the last couple of years...especially when it comes to wrangling our kids and keeping track of his keys, wallet, phone, laptop, favorite hat, nail clippers, shoes, the certain type of socks that he likes to wear when he works...He has trouble getting ready and leaving the house without me and I have trouble disciplining the girls without him. When we're apart we get stressed, then within the first 5 minutes of a phone conversation we both want to play the I had the worst day card. We end up taking it out on each other and neither one of us receives the sympathy or encouragement we were craving...P.s. we are both the babies in our families...makes for a very tricky personality combo in marriage. 

Anyhoo as of right now we're barely speaking besides brief business related emails. My 1 year old screamed all day about mysterious things she could not successfully communicate which made her scream even more and my 2 year old decided to try her hand at lying, choking her sister and throwing a sippy cup at my butt when she realized it didn't have "joosh" in it. I feel completely buried in housework and work-work that I so perkily promised my husband I'd take care of. Everything I tried to do was completely undone by 2 precious girls who so badly needed every ounce of my attention and affection today...Yet I tried to do it all while parenting on the shortest fuse ever. 

The 2 year old is a genius...freaky photographic memory genius...she will remember today and she's gonna grow up weird or be "that kid" because of my mommy dearest behavior. When she gets within 2 miles of our house, her grandparents house, her aunt's house, her aunt's work...she knows exactly where she is and can give directions the rest of the way. The other day she told her daddy that she liked his sacred heart tattoo... she is 2 years old and doesn't miss a ass is grass if this child ever goes to counseling. I didn't do anything worthy of the government removing my kids, but there definitely was not the normal pre and post timeout discussions. There was yelling and I cried once, though I may have been able to hide it from her, either way it made her laugh. Seriously what was my deal? I know 2 year olds test, that's what they I failed the 2 year old test.

After they were in bed, I felt lonely. I felt like a bad wife and a bad mom. Usually at the end of the day I chalk myself up as human and cut myself some slack, but tonight is different. Do you ever feel like a mental pep talk isn't enough? That nice and polite facebook comments from facebook "friends" aren't enough? That you just need a big fat humungous real life tangible hug from someone in the same room who completely understands and appreciates you not because your fishin for it but because of an intense need to love you just as you are despite the ugliness of days like today? Bleh! 

Tomorrow my kids are going to know they are loved like crazy despite their's heart is aching for it at the moment and I've been blessed and entrusted with the responsibility of letting them know that they matter...will do.

So today's entry wasn't about food, or diet, or whatever it is that I usually go on about... it certainly was however therapy for me. Oh here's something for you...After I put my kids to bed and checked my phone for the hundredth time to see if my husband accidentally sent me an I love you text, I ate a non-raw non-vegan english muffin toasted at a nutrition scorching 350 degrees with butter (from a cow) and sugar filled strawberry jam on it...then I had instant diarrhea yet felt like I gained 100 gazillion pounds mainly in my upper arms somehow...moral if you're gonna stress eat, make vegan raw cookie dough or guac...don't spend the rest of the night sulking on the toilet.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

More to come soon...Promise!!!

We have been out of town...If you've been following the blog for awhile then you know that our youngest daughter was born with kidney issues. She is treated at a Children's hospital 3 hours away from our home. She just had a surgical procedure that we are hoping will be her last!!! We have been knocked off our routine, but it has been well worth it...our little girl is doing better than ever! We should be home by Sunday and hope to update you all then. I keep thinking of so many things that I want to share that have been so helpful to me, just so little time. Thank you all for the love!


Sunday, October 10, 2010

Oh Baby I Like it Raw, Living and Vegan...Episode 3

Meet My Husband! I give a shout out to the very first subscriber to my videos!!! The Theme: IF WE CAN DO IT ANYONE CAN DO we get by for now on a tiny budget with a bottom of the line dehydrator, blender and food processor...When you set out to do the best you can within your means, it's a great start...don't give up no matter what!